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Onions–Glorious Onions

Onions!! Oohhh, those glorious onions. Without them, my dishes would be ohhh-so-bland. Red, yellow, white, green, Maui Sweet, Vidalia, Walla Walla, scallion, pearl! Onions are one of the main ingredients in most everything you will find here at Feisty Tortilla. And believe it or not, they not only add great taste to a meal, but they also contain many vitamins and minerals. Plus, the flavonoids in onions are more heavily concentrated in the outer layers of the onion, so when you use onions, try not to discard too many of the outer layers.

Cutting onions does not make me cry. Maybe the onions currently on the market are genetically altered, or maybe my tear ducts just don’t care anymore. (Or maybe I’m genetically modified!) Regardless, here are several tips for keeping the tears at bay. One, place the onion in the freezer 20 minutes before you cut it. Two, keep the onion wet. Three, cut out the bottom root with some of the bulb attached. My thought: throw out the tips and learn to cut, slice, and chop quickly enough so that the onion does not have time to affect you! Watch the video to see how a feisty cook does it!

Let me know what you think of onions or if you have any tips, tricks, or special recipes that use onions in a creative way. If I like them, I’ll let you know. If I don’t, I’ll let you know!


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