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Kabocha Squash and Shrimp Tacos

Here is my newest creation, Kabocha Squash and Shrimp Tacos.  Kabocha Squash?  Have you ever heard of Kabocha Squash?  Me neither, until about a week ago.  One of my favorite markets to buy my vegetables is 99 Ranch Market in Fountain Valley.  It’s an Asian market with a bunch of vegetables I haven’t seen at other markets.  So I saw the Kabocha Squash and noted it in my phone.  I went home and looked it up, read about it, and went back and bought one and this is what I created with it; Kabocha Squash and Shrimp Tacos.

Here is what I used.  Very simple ingredients; Kabocha Squash, Onion, Bell Pepper, Garlic, Shrimp, Olive Oil, Butter, Salt, Pepper.

Kabocha Squash is classified as a sweet pumpkin.  I bought a small one, but it was still too big.  I sliced off a chunck and scooped out the seeds.

Chop up the vegetables.  I also sliced up some slivers of Kabocha to try alone.

I added olive oil, butter, salt and pepper, and this time I threw it on the grill on a good sized griddle.

I did a very simple preparation for the shrimp.  I bought the larger size shrimp so I would not have to devein so many.  After I deveined them, I chopped them up, except for a few for me to eat alone, added some olive oil, butter, salt and pepper.

Since shrimp cooks up fast I waited until the vegetables were soft.  Once they were done, I opened a space in the middle for the shrimp.

Here it is all cooked up.

I chopped up some cabbage and put out the sour cream and salsa and here is another picture for you to drool upon.

So how did it turn out?  Well, even my kids said that they liked it.  They really did turn out good.  The Kabocha has a different but really good taste.  Kabocha does have a slightly sweet taste so it blended really well with the other flavors.  I tried the Kabocha slivers I cooked up and I can’t say that I really enjoyed the taste by itself, but it could grow on me.  I will be using it again.  The flavor to me was like a note in a melody; buy itself it is only a note, but with other notes, it is music.  The combination of flavors this time created great harmony.

I did end up with leftovers so I am thinking Huevos Rancheros with this in the morning.  Go find some Kabocha Squash and try something with it and let me know.  Please leave a comment.

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