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Egg Plant, Pork Sausage, and Chorizo Spaghetti

Last night at 4:00pm Tessa announced that she had invited a friend for dinner and that he would be here around 6:00pm. Two hours, not a lot of time when you live in Spain and the size of your refrigerator is big enough to hold maybe two days’ worth of food, if you’ve planned well. My wife and I quickly went through what we had to decide what we could make but couldn’t come up with anything. We chose spaghetti because “I” could quickly make it, so off to the market I ran. I actually ended up making a trip to three markets to get the needed ingredients. Now, in Spain, when I say three markets, all three markets were next to each other. Markets here in Spain specialize in narrow lines of products.

While at the first market, I decided on the meat that I would use.  With such a large selection, I couldn’t decide on just one meat, so I got a little of two types of meat, pork sausage and chorizo. I also picked up some bread, the spaghetti noodles, and ice cream. I went to the second market only for the drinks. I found some great fruit drinks there for a great price and that is where I get my drinks now. And for the vegetables, I like to go to the local fruit and vegetable vendors because they usually have the freshest items for a good price. While there, I decided to add egg plant to the mix along with the usual onions, red bell peppers, and garlic.

I took Silas with me and he took the kid’s camera. I did not realize how many pictures he had taken until later that night. He posted on his blog this morning also about the pictures he took while he went shopping with me. Click here to view some of the pictures he took.

With not much time left, I went to work. Here is a picture of what I used. Of the items pictured for this meal, I only used half of the egg plant, onion, and bell pepper and four cloves of garlic, and I did not end up using the canned stewed tomatoes because the tomato sauce was enough.


I first cut off the outer membrane from the sausages and chorizo and placed the meats in the skillet to get them browning.



While the meats were browning, I cut up the vegetables and then added them to the skillet.


I covered the skillet to help hold the heat and moisture in so the vegetables would soften faster. Once the vegetables were softened, I added the tomato sauce, mixed it all up, and let it simmer for about 20 minutes.  I also found some italian seasoning mix that Becky must have picked up at some market ealier and added some of that along with some salt and pepper.



I cooked up some spaghetti noodles and cut some bread.


And within just a little over two hours from finding out someone was coming over, I/we decided on what to eat, went and bought it, fixed it, served it up and it was very tasty. I especially liked the taste the chorizo added to the flavor.


Maybe I should start importing chorizo when I return to the states.

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