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What’s for Breakfast Today – Chorizo and Fried Eggs

I love breakfasts and I miss the great breakfasts that I could make in the U.S.with our waffle maker and griddle and ready access to Mexican food products like corn tortillas. However, Spain also has a lot to offer. This morning I had one of my favorite meats, readily available here at any of the corner markets:  chorizo. Chorizo is a slightly spicy pork sausage. I like to cut it open and fry it so that the fats cook out a little to add something to cook my fried eggs in. I guess it’s kind of like cooking the bacon first for the pork fat, only it’s a little orange-ish/brown in color.


We don’t have a toaster here so I always butter up a piece of my baguette with butter and a little olive oil and place it on the skillet to toast it. The eggs here in Spain are a little different also; the color is a little more orange and they cook up a lot faster. If I leave them on as long as I do the eggs from the U.S., the yokes cook up too hard, but I like the flavor a little more.  Add a little salt and pepper and WOW!!! I had a wonderful breakfast this morning.

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