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Abstract Urban Art Calls For Abstract Photography

We went wandering through the Gotic part of Barcelona again. I could walk through this place for days. Every time we made a turn there was something new.  As we were walking, we found a small plaza that had this abstract piece of urban art work. We were running a little late, so I only had time to snap three pictures–actually three sets of bracketed photos so I could do some HDR photography of this piece. The sun was still hot in the sky so I couldn’t have gotten a good photo were it not for HDR or a lens filter, which I didn’t have on me.

Because the artwork was so abstract, I took a little more liberty with HDR than I normally do. I usually like to use HDR only to get what’s in the shadows or make the sky a little more blue when it gets washed out. However, with these photos, I pumped up the effects of HDR and some added curves and levels in Photoshop. Here is the result.




After we got home that night, there was a storm brewing over the Mediterranean. I snapped these photos using HDR but only pumped them up enough to bring out the details without going overboard. A funnel cloud was forming as I took these two photos, the first one catching as much as I could with my 28-70mm lens, and another getting as close as I could with the same lens.



About a half hour latter this cloud appeared as we were about to step out for the night. And yes, I did pump up the effects of HDR a little more than the previous two photos, but it was worth it. Since I couldn’t capture the whole sky, I had to emphasize the part that I did catch.


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  • Ana Paula October 30, 2012, 12:42 am

    Hello, I see this storm in last saturday. Amazing pictures! Congrats for you blog. Saludos!

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