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A Daughter and a Friend Spelling Spain

My daughter’s friend is here in Spain for two weeks and we went out and took some fun pictures. Here is the compilation of four pictures in one.


I spent way too much time putting this picture together. We left to go out at mid-afternoon, but by the time we got to Plaza Catalunya the sun was well on its way down. The whole plaza was a shadow so there weren’t a lot of hi-lights left. Below are the original pictures I used straight out of the camera. I did not have my camera set for raw, which would have made it a lot easier, so you can see how blue and flat the jpg pictures started out. I did though get lucky enough to get a picture without anyone else in the background just as I finished taking pictures of the girls. Masking is a lot of fun if you have the time to get it right. Google masking in Photoshop and give it a try.




SP of Spain

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