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The Many Faces of a Friendship

Ok, so yesterday I posted a picture of my daughter and her friend spelling out the word SPAIN in Plaza Cataluyna, well, that’s not all we did. I also took several photos of them having fun in different poses around the plaza and I placed six of their poses in one picture. I had such fun taking the photographs and they looked like they were having a lot of fun being the greatly silly young ladies that they are when they are together. I wish I could have combined more of the photos I took into this picture, but they would have just been on top of each other. Getting the photos to work together was quite the task with all of the pigeons everywhere. I had to decide which pigeons stayed from each of the six photos and with many of them overlapping each other, believe me, it was harder masking and unmasking the pigeons than it was anything else about this picture. In the end, this father felt really great about creating something special out of some great time spent with his daughter and her friend that is visiting us while we are here in Spain.


Here are the original six photos I used in the order in which I brought them in to be masked to create this picture.





I liked the guy in the picture below taking a picture. I couldn’t see what he was taking a picture of though. I think he was taking a picture of us taking a picture. It was too bad he happen to be right where the girls where in my third picture, otherwise I would have left him in…but no, he got brushed out.



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