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Faces of Friendship

When fiends have been apart for a while and they finally get together, the many faces of friendship come out to play. My daughter Tessa has a visitor here in Spain for two weeks. I took them to downtown Barcelona three days ago and ended our day in Plaza Catalunya. In my last two posts, I posted layered pictures I took of them. On that day, I also took a lot of photos so I could create a stop action video of them and that took a little more time to put together. Of course I had to do the layered pictures first so I could include them in this video. This is such a fun little video that when you watch it, you can only think of all the different faces that you make when you’re with your best friend and how you really don’t care what people around you think of what you are doing. Let me know what feelings this little video invoke in you by commenting below. Enjoy and make a lot of faces with your friends.

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