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About Me

Hi!  My name is Aaron Davidson, and I love tortillas; both Mexican Tortillas, to make Mexican Food, and Spanish Tortillas.  What I specifically like about them is that they both have their perspective basic ingredients, but from there, you can add whatever you like to create a great meal that will be pleasing just to you, and maybe others.

Just like a tortilla, my life, like many others, have the same basic elements but I have the opportunity to add to my life what I want, hence the feisty name, and package it together to make me.  This is a blog about those experiences.  Come along with me and add your experiences in the comment sections or send me a guest post to let me know how your experiences have helped you wrap your life up.

My life right now revolves around the adventure that I moved my family to Spain for a year.  We had the opportunity to do so, and have wanted to do so for many years, so we did it and we love it and I am writing about it.  I also love photography as you will see and cooking and blogging and helping my wife with her blog, Eleven O’clock Mom, and helping my daughter with her blog, A Lavender Sea, as well as anything else I decide to address.  Here are some great entries to begin with.